Check whether your Business website needs a redesign in 2019 ?

How the check whether your website needs a redesign

Technology is evolving to keep the pace up with technology changes you need to constantly check whether your business website needs an overhaul or not. In this article, we try to figure out as how to determine whether our website needs a redesign or not.

Site Architecture

Website Architecture is very important in 2019, user interface and navigation of your website should enrich the experience of web visitors, it is s important for a business generation as well as from the SEO perspective. So if you think your architecture is not perfect please consider changing your website layout.

High Bounce rate

Bounce rate is when customer leaves your site without visiting another page of your site is called bounced, If your website shows a high bounce rate, which you can check easily from analytics product, if it is higher, check which page has a higher landing and bounce either you can redesign that particular webpage or give a complete overhaul to your website.

Broken links & 404 not found

If your site has broken link then it can harm your site architecture, broken links shows something is really wrong with your website. Checking these links is a diagnostic test. It may not tell you what goes wrong with your web page, but surely give you an idea about there is something wrong in your website. Also if any of the URL of site shows 404 response codes, this would tell you something has gone wrong with that page. If these two things occur with your site than quickly probe more and consider redesigning of your web page

Duplicate content

Google takes duplicate content very seriously and it can harm your website performance on search engine negatively, Many times to save money we give web development work to non-professional freelancers and college going, student, they usually copy and paste content from other sites and put it on your site or create same content for multiple pages of your site its harm your site performance badly . Please check with duplicate content checker tool if your site has duplicate content then please consider changing your site content and redesign the same.

If your site is not mobile friendly

Search engines are giving huge emphasis on mobile users and mobile site, google has also introduced a mobile first approach where
designing a desktop site starting with the mobile version, which is then adapted to larger screens (contrary to the traditional approach of starting with a desktop site and then adapting it to smaller screens). Generally speaking, a mobile-first approach means building your website with your mobile users in mind, with the main goal of improving these mobile users’ experience on your site. So if your site is not mobile friendly if it doesn’t enrich the experience of your mobile visitor, if it’s not fast and responsive then definitely change your current website and redesign it in 2019.


Hacking of business website has become a norm now a days, hackers from across the globe keep on targeting business websites, If your sites is old, coding done in old fashioned way , plugins are not updated than your site has a risk of getting hacked even your users details on the web might get compromised. So before it gets too late redesign your website .


If you want to your website to excel, keep adding some changes at the regular interval. This help Google know that you have updated as the new trends and it also helps you to gain more business and peace of mind.

So these were some of the parameter by which you can check whether your business website needs a redesign or not.